Terms and Conditions: Natalya Dsouza

Please read all these terms and conditions.

The use of Natalya Dsouza requires that you read and follow these terms and conditions as outlined below:-

  1. Age and consent Approval

Before accessing this website, users need to acknowledge that they are 18 years or older that entitle them to access the information or services of adult nature.

  1. Escorts

All our escorts are independent, and they have chosen to be listed on our website. We cannot confirm the accuracy of their data; hence users need to use their judgment before selecting any Escort.

  1. Ads Listing

The escorts who are interested in posting ads should ensure that the data they provide on the site and accurate and reliable to the best of their knowledge. Besides this, they should not be vulgar, pornographic, or sexually explicit that may be illegal or hurts the sentiments of viewers. This will not only foster credibility but also facilitate clients in seamless booking and thus enhance their promotion of escort services.

  1. Data Security

Users can rely on the security of their data as the data collected by us is not used for any other purpose except internal record keeping or enhancing our services and handling the necessary transactions.

  1. Booking

The directory is meant for finding escorts of one’s choice that assist in the seamless booking. However, users need to contact and assess the suitability of the escort before booking her through chat, email, or phone.

  1. Reservation of rights

We reserve the right to remove any link or profile of an escort if we deemed it fit or if they do not follow our terms and conditions. We also reserve the right to modify our terms and conditions at any time that would be updated through our site.

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